Introducing Karaoke Cloud Pro by DigiTrax!
The world’s first legal professional karaoke subscription platform.

It’s 100% commercially legal and finally here for you!

Unlimited use of thousands of commercially legal tracks!

You get unlimited use of thousands of quality tracks available right now from the best karaoke providers in the business, with new hits added as they're made available – all you need to do is sync your CompuHost software with MyKJMedia once per month to validate your subscription and download new selections. You can download and store your Karaoke Cloud Pro songs locally for offline use, so there's NO need for an Internet connection at your shows!

Click here for a list of currently available Karaoke Cloud selections!

* CompuHost V2 or V3 Karaoke Hosting Solution (v.2.10 or newer) required (sold separately). Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time within your User Control Panel. Cancellations become effective upon your next expiration date. Absolutely no refunds or pro-rated/partial monthly cancellations allowed. Upon cancellation all future automatic renewals will be suspended. Subscriptions may be conveniently reactivated/renewed at any time from within your User Control Panel. The actual number of available Karake Cloud Pro selections is dependant on valid licensing and availability from the producer(s)/distributor(s) and therefore subject to change. Karaokeware Inc. ( and/or DigiTrax Entertainment, LLC is unable to guarantee the number of selections available through the service at any given time.
Karaoke Cloud is a trademark and service of Digitrax Entertainment, LLC.

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